I.          Back ground

Dop-Shar-ri Gewog comprises of 21 villages and 619 households. It lies in the east of the Dzongkhag. The Gewog shares its boundary with Doteng Gewog in the North and Hungrel Gewog in the south. Distance to Dop-shar-ri Gewog from Dzongkhag Administration is about 2kms

The Gewog is divided into 5 ChiwogsDuezhi_JipaJangsa_JookaJizhigang, Kempa_Kuduphu and Rinchhending_Shari. All the chiwogs are connected with farm roads with 98% of the households have piped drinking water facilities and 100% households have electricity connections. It has a total population of 3180 out of which 1590 is male and 1590 is female.

The economy is based on agriculture, mainly dry land and wetland cultivation of paddy, wheat, potatoes, apples and dairy products.

II.        Statistics

1)         Area                                          33.89 sq. km     

2)        Altitude Range                           2260-3700meters

3)        Forest Coverage                       72%

4)        Number of Chiwogs                     5

5)        Number of Villages                    21

6)        Number of Households            619

7)        Population                              3180

8)        Male                                       1590

9)        Female                                   1590

10)      Special Needs                            12

III.       Facilities

Facility               Number             Description (Distance from Gewog Office,                            Remarks

                                                      Year of establishment, etc.)

Gewog Office         1                     It was estd. in the year 2008 and its located Shari chiwog

RNR Extension      1                     It was established in the year 2008 is located within Gewog office


School                    1                     Founded on 10th Feb, 2000 as community school and upgraded to Higher

                                                      Secondary School in 2007. Distance to school is about 1.5km from Gewog office

BHU                        0                     NA

ORC                        1                     5kms from the Gewog Office and its located in Jizhigang. Maintenance work

                                                       in process

Community Center   1                   Estd. On 2017, CC is located within the Gewog compound

Irrigation Canal        18.32kms      Tadingkha-Chothakha, Bara Thachukha-JukaJangsa, Drapikhimjap, GI sheet

                                                      IC,Kuduphu, Bamzingkha, Tadingkha, Gangyur

Farm Road              21.33kms       Rechukha-Shari, Richukha-Menchuna, Bara-Rinchhending, Rimdotselkha-

                                                      Bemzingkha, Najikha-Hungrelkha, Chimakha-Menchuna, DuezhiTangkatse-

                                                      JipaTajekha, Tajomo-Bemzhingkha, Jangsa, Kempa-Kuduphu, Damchengom,

                                                      Tadzong-Damchena, Tadzong-Jeshigang

National Highway      0                  NA

Bridges                      3                 One suspension bridge located at Jangsa, one motorable bridge near town and

                                                     one is under construction at Damji

Number of Villages electrified                       21         100% coverage

Number of household electrified                 619         100% coverage

Number of  village  with RWSS scheme       21         100 % coverage

Number of household with RWSS               600           98% coverage

IV.       LAND USE


              Type of Land use                         Acres

1)              Dry land                                   417.34 Acres 

2)              Wet land                                  519.90 Acres

3)              Vegetable production               651.30 Acres

4)               Fruit production                      175.76 Acres