1. Back ground

Lungnyi Gewog has a total area of 59.7 Sq.Kms of which 12687.50 acres are covered by forest and it has elevation ranging from 2,200 to 3,400 meters above the sea level. The gewog lies in the central region of the Dzongkgag. The gewog shares its boundary with Shaba and Wangchang gewogs in the East, in the North it shares with lamgong and Wangchang gewogs, in the South with Naja gewog. The gewog also shares the Dzongkhag boundary with Haa Dzongkhag in the West.

Though the gewog is centrally located agricultural land use is dominated by dry land closely followed by wetland cultivation. Paddy and wheat are the principal cereal crops cultivated while apple, Asparagus and potatoes are the major cash crops cultivated in the gewog.

  • Distance from Dzongkhag: 9 km
  • Livelihood, source of income: Agricultural farming and Livestock products
  • Climate: Four Season
  1. Statistics

         Population                                    Numbers

a)      Male                                               2015

b)      Female                                           2030

         Elderly (Age 60 and above )            270

         Special needs                                   19

         Number of households                    472

         Area (sq. km)                      

         Forest Cover (%)                          80%

         Total number of  Lhakhangs/temples

 a.     Government owned                        6

 b.      Community                                    2

c.       Private                                           4

Number of chortens                               45

III.       Facilities

            Facility            Number                 Description (Distance from Gewog Office,         Remarks

                                                                   Year of establishment, etc.)

1        Gewog Office          1                       2006

2        RNR Extension       1                       2006

3        School                     2                       2014 (Olathang Pry School) Woochu Lower Secondary School 1979

4        Royal College         1                       2015

5        Jigme Singye Wangchuck

          Law School              1                      2016

6        ORC                         2                    2000/2007    Dzongdrakha (2000)

                                                                                      Pangbisa 2007

7       Community Center  1                       2011

8       Irrigation Canal

9       Farm Road

10     National Highway          1          NA

11     Bridges/RCC slab          6          2010, 2014, 2017       Gewog office, Rabsema, Woochu, Changji Lhakgang

12     Number of Villages electrified                           40            NA

13     Number of household electrified                     472            NA

14     Number of  village  with RWSS scheme         472            NA

15     Number of households with RWSS                 472            NA

IV.       LAND USE

    Type of Land Use            Acres

     Dry land                           Roughly 300 Acres

    Wet land                           Roughly 1000 Acres