I.          Back ground

Description of Gewog

The Gewog administration is located just opposite to Paro College of Education,Paro and  has a total area of 34.2 Sq.Kms of which 6377.50 acres are covered by forest and it has an elevation ranging from 2,200 to 2,340 meters above the sea level. The gewog lies in the center of the Dzongkhag. The gewog shares its boundary with Dopshari and Hungrel gewog in the Northeast and East, in the North it shares with lamgong gewog, in the South with Lungnyi and Shaba gewogs and in the West with Lamgong  gewog.Wangchang gewog has a plain area with agricultural land use dominated by wetland followed by dry land cultivation. In the wetland they mostly grow paddy and wheat, in the dry lands are mainly apple orchards. The gewog is considered as one of the prosperous gewogs because of its proximity to the National High Way and farm road accessibility to all five chiwogs and villages

 II. Statistics

1          Area                                                                43.2 sq.kms

2          Altitude  Rangee                                             2200 to 2340 meters

3          Forest Coverage                                              6377.50 acres

4          Number of Chiwogs                                         5

5          Number of Households                                   658

6          Population                                                       3311

7          Male                                                                1666

8          Female                                                             1645

9          Special Needs                                                  34

III. Facilities


III.       Facilities


                 Facility               Number              Description (Distance from Gewog Office,       Remarks 

                                                                        Year of establishment, etc.)


1)            Gewog Office                                  1                      2007

2)            RNR Extension                               1                      2010

3)            School                                             5                     3 pvt school(YoezerlingHS,Yoezerling PS&Tshenden PS)

4)            Community Center                          1                     Near Gewog office

5)            Irrigation Canal                               12km              NA

6)            Farm Road                                      43.6km           NA

7)            Number of Villages electrified         100 percent    NA

8)            Number of household electrified     100 percent    NA

10)          Number of household with RWSS   323hhs           NA



Type of Land use                  Acres

Dry land                                         182.84 Acres  

Wet land                                         500.82 Acres

Orchard                                          246.12

Kitchen Garden                              25.30

Other built up& forest coverage     4146.81




No institutions in this Gewog.


No staff in this Gewog.


No tourist destinations in this Gewog.