Tamchog Goenpa

One can see Tamchog Goenpa a few kilometers from Chuuzom towards Paro Dzongkhag.


Drupchen Thangtong Gyalpo (also known as ‘Chagzampa’, the man who built iron bridges) left behind him the legend of his architecture in building iron bridges and iron framed wooden boats all over the places he visited. Bhutan was one of those places where he built eight iron bridges and also established the monastery of Dungtse in the central valley of Paro.

The temple is situated towards the lower valley of Paro, in the small village of Tagchoe Balakha. The Drubchen blessed this village and renamed it as Tachog Gang and built the monastery which came to be known as Tagchoe Goenpa (now pronounced as ‘Tamchog’ Goenpa). The remains of the iron chains used for building bridges are still secure within the Lhakhang as a sacred monument.