1. Prepares preliminary plans and designs, technical drawings and detailed cost estimates of engineering works
  2. Carries out feasibility studies and surveys
  3. preparation and evaluation of tender documents
  4. Administers and enforces Codes and Standards on engineering projects
  5. Provide engineering data and cost estimates for the organization’s budget
  6. physical supervision of works at site
  7. Assists in the supervision of engineering works to ensure compliance with Codes and Standards and checks finished works for adherence to the organization’s specifications
  8. Monitors physical implementation and provides quality control supervision to programs and projects
  9. Carries out physical verification and ensures all constructions are as per the design drawings
  10. Scrutinizes structural drawings and estimates for proposed projects
  11. Assists in the administration of contracts for engineering projects
  12. Inspects the quality of works and controls the workmanship
  13. Carries out site visit to the Dzongkhags for physical verification of works as per technical sanction accorded
  14. The engineering sector is also responsible for rural house construction approval.