Notification Period:
25 May 2023
06 June 2023

The Paro Dzongkhag Administration (PDA) hereby requests the 55 building owners of Paro Tshongdue town (name list attached) to attend the meeting on 6th June 2023 at 2:00 PM in the Wangchang Gewog meeting hall.

As we embark towards a Developed Bhutan, the primary objective of the meeting is to discuss a way forward to promote settlements that are safe, accessible and healthy living environment. In particular, the meeting is expected to come up with a way forward for demolishing the unauthorized structures that are in violation to the Bhutan Building Regulation (BBR) 2018.

The building owner who are unable to attend, may appoint their representative by granting them a power of attorney. Please note that in case of non-attendance, the PDA will be compelled to take immediate action to demolish the structures as per clause 85 of the BBR 2018.