Handing and Taking of Dasho Dzongda's New Residence at Jangsa under Dopshari Gewog

03 October 2018

The handing/taking process of Dasho Dzongda's new residence was carried out on 3rd October, 2018. Gawai Nyima construction handed over the newly completed Dasho Dzongda's residence to the Dzongkhag Administration. 

The new residence is located at Jangsa under Dopshari Gewog. The residence was built keeping in mind the Bhutanese architecture. The residence perhaps the first of it's kind of Dasho Dzongda's residences features a traditional Bhutanese building outlook. The building consists of a total of 6 rooms, 3 toilets, 1 bathroom, 1 study hall, 1 sun room and has land holding of about 1 acre.

The project duration was for a year with an estimated cost of over 70 lakhs inlclusive of the rate for construction of an approach road and a compound wall/boundary wall.

The new Dasho Dzongda's residence embodies and upholds our unique traditional and cultural aspects and looks very pleasing to the eye.