National Monument Fund Supervision Committee (NMFSC)

07 September 2018

 A meeting of the National Monument Fund Supervision Committee (NMFSC) was held on 6th September, 2018 at Ramthangkha as a follow-up to the 9th NMFSC meeting held on 16th August 2018.

The committee members present on the meeting on 6th September were:

  1. Secretary, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affiars
  2. Eminent representative of the National Council
  3. Representative of the Central Monastic Body
  4. Director, TCB
  5. Dzongda, Paro Dzongkhag Administration
  6. SP, RBP,Paro
  7. Focal person, TCB
  8. Dealing Officials, Paro Dzongkhag  Administration
  9. Local guides of Taktshang and Rinpung Dzong

The members discussed issues regarding toilet renovation and construction at Machenphu Lhakhang and Tareypang in Taktshang respectively. The committee decided to look into relocation of septic tank at Machenphu in order to prevent pollution of Lhatsho and to construct additional four-unit toilets, two each for male and female at Tareypang.

The members also discussed issues such as unwillingness to use the horse trail by those in charge of the horses as they said the trail increased the duration to Taktshang from the normal Taktshang trail. The horse trail is especially being made for safety and convenience of tourists riding horses to hike to Taktshang. This way it also provides convenience to those tourists and locals alike who hike up on foot to Taktshang. The committee directed Paro Dzongkhag to have another round of discussion with the relevant stakeholders to resolve the issues.

The members present also discussed issues of littering on the taktshang trail and decided to carry out further sensitization and education programs. As per the signage directives littering is a punishable crime and so the committee directed TCB to issue letters to GAB who will further intimate guides to create awareness to tourists on littering offence. The committee also decided on placing signboards with information on littering offences, entry fee and dress code at strategic places so that tourists are aware of the respective rules and regulations in place.

Additionally, the members present also discussed and looked into matters pertaining to toilets, RBP security house and CCTV installation in Rinpung Dzong. Prior to CCTV installation the members decided on the necessity to create awareness and to have a standard notification of public display.

The committee ended the meeting reminding local guides at both Takthang and Rinpung Dzong to be firm yet pleasant while briefing regional tourists on littering, dress code and entry fee. The guides were also reminded on the importance of their roles in presenting Bhutan to the outside world.