Social Media Monitoring Sensitization Meeting with the Party Coordinators of DPT and DNT

09 October 2018

The Dzongkhag Election Office conducted a meeting to sensitize the party coordinators that the Dzongkhag ICT officer who is the Dzongkhag Social Media Monitor would be monitoring the Social Media (WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc) groups of the 2 parties candidates and their supporters.  

The RO of Lamgong_Wangchang on behalf of Dzongkhag Election Office briefed the two party coordinators that they should add the Dzongkhag Social Media Monitor in each and every actual Social Media Groups of the party candidates and their supporters to observe how the various campaigns are presented in the social media and internet.

Social Media Monitor Meeting with the party coordinators 


The following officials were present during the meeting held on 9th October 2010 at the office of the RO of Lamgong_Wangchang:

1. Returning Officer, Lamgong_Wangchang

2. Returning Officer, Dogar_Shaba

3. National Observer- Lamgong_Wangchang

4. National Observer- Dogar_Shaba

5.District Election Officer- Paro Dzongkhag

6. Electoral Registration Officer- Paro Dzongkhag

7. District Coordinator- Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

8. District Coordinator- Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

9. Social Media Monitor- Paro Dzongkhag

The two district coordinators of the respective parties agreed to add the Dzongkhag Social Media Monitor in their respective party's social media groups and to inform the group members of the same.