29 September 2020

Sustainable Dog Population Management Program in Paro

A month long sustainable dog population management program started from 21st September, 2020 in Tsento Gewog, Paro Dzongkhag. The program is a joint coordination effort by Dzongkhag Livestock Sector (DLS), Paro and Regional Livestock Development Centre Tsimasham under the Dog Population Management Flagship Program, NCAH, and Department of Livestock, MoAF.

As per the survey conducted in June 2020, a total of 8218 dogs were numbered in paro Dzongkhag (10 Gewogs). As of 28th September, 2020  about 438 dogs were sterilized in 6 working days in Tsento and Lamgong Gewogs. The program included distribution of free registration card, sterilization, vaccination and dog adoption activities. The program in the 2 gewogs was a success as necessary support were rendered by Gewog administration and other key stakeholders.

Public are requested to bring their dogs as per the program schedule or contact the Gewog Administration for further information on the program dates. The program coordinators also seeks help from the locals in catching stray dogs in their respective community when livestock officials visits. Together,  the program coordinators aims to achieve a 100% success in dog sterilization and vaccination program to create a safer society.

The program also includes promotion of responsible dog ownership through adoption. Abandoned puppies can be picked for adoption. The adopted dogs will be sterilized, vaccinated and issued free registration card. Dog lovers are requested to contact Dzongkhag livestock sector for adoption of dogs.

The program is being implemented as per strict COVID-19 health protocols.