Roles and mandates


  • Ensure compliance with the Procurement Rules and Regulations and other relevant rules for fair and transparent process in procurement of Goods, Works and Services;
  • Manage the whole procurement process from identification of needs to selection of bidders for procurement of Goods, Works and Services which shall include preparation of tender documents, calling for tenders, conducting tender committee meetings and serve as the Member secretary to Tender Committee
  • In case of procurement of goods, shall be responsible for contract management of supplies contracts including verification of bills and ensuring timely receipt of goods;
  • Maintain records of all properties and assets procured by the agency and coordinate proper disposal of properties;
  • Initiate preparation of annual procurement plan for the agency, update the plan as and when required and ensure implementation of procurement activities as per the approved annual procurement plan;
  • In case of procurement of Works and Services, ensure that the relevant sector/officer provides the required technical information such as the Terms of Reference, Bill of Quantities and Specifications to be included in the tender documents;
  • Provide guidance where required to other sectors in contract management of Works and Services contract;
  • Contribute towards inventory planning with regard to the flow of materials/goods and to schedule and monitor progress of delivery of goods and services in line with storage capacity requirement;
  • Supervise and ensure relevant staff store and maintain stock as required;
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Agency for any procurement related issues;
  • Keep up-to-date with supply market in terms of the numbers of suppliers/bidders in the market, goods available in the market and capacity of bidders in the market;
  • Take initiatives to bring in international good practices such as whole life costing, sustainable procurement, optimizing responsible use of resources,etc.;
  • Prepare annual procurement report for submission to the Ministry of Finance
  • Any other task assigned by the Supervisors