In the 8th century, Chhoegyal Tshrisong Detshen’s daughter Lhachen Selden was born, coinciding the birth of Terton Tshering Dorji, in Dongkarla in Gomel Lholing in Paro. As Terton Tshering Dorji was more interested in learning the doctrine of Buddhism than in the worldly pleasures, he left his family and went to study the doctrine of philosophy and meditation under the guidance of Lam Ngawang Drakpa and Truelku Rinchen Chhoeda, the reincarnation of Peljor Gyeltshen. 

Rinchen Chhoeda then proceeded to Dongkar Yoezer Tshomo for further meditation and prayed for his seat to flourish in this place. Later, his reincarnation, Kelden Dorji constructed a monastery as he had prayed and named it as Dongkar Kuenzang Chhoeling after installing precious relics and monuments in it. The monastery is said to have two protective deities namely Tshen Gyoed Gyelwai Lodey and Lhomo Thinley wangmo.

Many subsequent reincarnates came and looked after the monasteries among which, Truelku Ngawang Sherub, during his time established the two sects of schools known as Drukpa Kagyudpa and Peling. The school of Drukpa Kagyud somehow disappeared after some years and as a result there was no reincarnation of any of the Dongkarla Truelku. However, the school of Peling remained unlike the school of Drukpa Kagyudpa and it still functions even today with 20 students including 8 meditators.