Chumbu Ney is a holy place located under northern part of Doteng gewog .

The seating place of Khandroma Dorje Phagmo


It's a 5 hours walk from the road point. The Hike begins with the opening gate (Zee Go) formed by two standing rocks. There are many rocks and caves formation associated with Guru Rinpoche and each of it has story and its significance.

The striking feature of the
Temple is the Dorji Phagmo (The flying Goddess) statue , commonly known as “floating” statue.e. Dorji Phagmo is also known as Vajravarahi.

This statue is very sacred and ancient as it’s believed that the Goddess Dorji Phamo flew from Tibet and stayed on in the form of a statue. She is a life size statue and believe it or not, her one leg is crossed at the knees and the other is standing but does not touch the ground.

Some people test this belief by passing a money note below her feet and it passes through smoothly without a hitch.

The other site to visit at Chumbu is the Guru Rimpoche Caves. There are several caves used by Guru himself and some caves used by his consorts Khandro Mendharawa and Khandom Yeshey Tshokey.