Taktshang Yoelselgang

After the death of Buddha in the year 1518, Earth Tiger Year, Kathogpa Tuelku Sonam Gyelthsen’s disciple Kencho Gyeltshen constructed the Lhakhang, Taktshang Yoelselgang, where he taught the script of Nyigma Gjiud Bum (Ngingma Script) to his disciples, and took care of the monastery in 660 A.D.

After Zhabdrung’s arrival to Bhutan, Jyenpa Gyeltshen was appointed the chief lama of Yoelselgang, for the peace and well being of all the living creatures. Jyenpa Gyeltshen later renovated the monastery in 1646 to flourish the teaching of Ngingma script established by Kencho Gyeltshen and he also installed all the sacred items in the Lhakhang.

Years later came Lopen Ngawang Tenzin, who was one of the former Dorji Lopens. He recruited 13 meditators, and built separate rooms to accommodate 15 to 16 meditators around the monastery. Today, the 1st floor of the two storeyed monastery is known as Kargyud Lamai Lhakhang and the ground floor as Guru Tshengye Lhakhang.