Lhading Goenpa

In the Wood Snake year of Fifth Rabjung, a divine princess Metok Seldon and Hermit Pawo Tagsham Chen from the Sacha family came to visit Bhutan, crossing Metey at Phari pass. They halted a night at Tsento Zangthang, which is now called Zamsar. In a dream at around dawn, Drupthop dreamt of many gods and goddesses flying in the space. He had believed that the place is destined for great lamas and god and went to the place to construct the monastery. The monastery was named ‘Lhading’ (God and Goddess flying above).

He constructed a monastery using all the wealth of the princess. Meanwhile, he had sent some of his people to Tibet to receive Jowo Me Ched Dorji from the Sacha Tsanglha and went to the new monastery to install the main statue ‘Jowo’ in the Lhakhang. 

This monastery has the same structure as that of the Lhasa Jowo Yidshin Norbu lhakhang. Lam Taasham Chen and Khandu Metok Seldon resided in the monastery. Thus, people today, go to visit the Lhakhang in spite of many difficulties. It is believed that a person will have the wisdom of enlightenment just by hearing a name of the Lhading Lhakhang.

Today, people of Paro visit the lhakhang, and it is believed that such commitment will wash away the sins accumulated during the three hundred life times of a person.