Chumphu Lhakhang

It is believed that before Guru Rinpoche  left to subdue a demon, he spent several months in Chumphu monastery. While in Chumphu, he demonstrated several miracles such as: when he was sitting in the meditating position, he left his body and foot imprint on the cave. It is also believed that he created the divine image of Khandu Dorji Phagmo, which is visible today in the monastery. The miracle of the statue is that a thread can be placed or circled around the statue. It meant that the statue floats and does not rest on the seat.

Also from the many hidden treasures of Guru Rinpoche, Terton Tsheten Gyeltshen discovered the statue of Khandu Dorji Phagmo. Terton Drukda Dorji’s discovery of Khandu Dorji Phagmo’s statue from the lake can also be seen in the monastery.

On the outside of the monastery one can see the lake surrounded by beautiful bamboo grass. Anyone who visits the Chumphu monastery usually begins by visiting the new Doelpa lhakhang. Enroute to the main Chumphu lhakhang, one can see many sacred relics left behind by the great saint.