Inauguration of the newly constructed "Drasha" - Phudup Goenpa

02 November 2018

Coinciding with the very auspicious day, Lhabab Duechen, the descending day of Lord Buddha, His Eminence Gangtey Trulku presided over the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed Drasha at Phudup Goenpa. The Drasha was built as a living quarter for some 20 young monks who are currently at Phudup Goenpa. 

Her Royal Highness, the Royal Grandmother, Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck graced the occasion. The main Nangtens of the Goenpa a and a Phubi Thongdrel were on display on the day and some few hundred people gathered on the day to attend the Rabney ceremony and also to get the blessings from the Nangtens and the Thongdrel.

                                                                                   Phudup Goenpa- a very sacred Goenpa located under Dogar Gewog.